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        Welcome to the
        neighborhood of better.
        Welcome to Solera.

        We’re committed to providing a better Specialty Pharmacy experience with better access to medication, better education, and better support. Not because it’s our business, but because it’s our community.

        Solera is a Specialty Pharmacy with a smaller focus and a much larger impact. With a proven track record and the latest accreditations, we provide the support and treatment patients need with a personalized approach. Our highly communicative and professional nature has earned us the trust of payors, providers and prescribers everywhere. Solera is everything you expect out of a Specialty Pharmacy—simply better.

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        • URAC Accredited

        • ACHC Accredited

        • Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites? (VIPPS?)

        Start your enrollment with us today! It’s simple with our easy to download and fillout forms.

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        • News

          March 22, 2018

          Cimzia Label Update Provides New Information For Women Of Childbearing Age

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        • News

          March 5, 2018

          Review Finds Switching From Reference Product To Biosimilar ‘Not Inherently Dangerous’

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        • News

          January 30, 2018

          SVR For HCV With No Advanced Liver Disease Greatly Reduces Mortality Risk

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        • News

          February 13, 2018

          Novartis Gains U.S. Approval For Glatopa For Multiple Sclerosis

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